Some complicated cases

Kidney Stone Surgeon - Some complicated cases - Sinan Zeren, MD Professor of Urology

Every kidney’s anatomy and features of the stones are different, so the treatment plans must be patient-spesific.

Some special situations

  • Solitary kidney
  • Problem in both kidneys
  • Pediatric or elderly cases
  • High stone burden (staghorn, coraliform)
  • Radiolucent (not seen on X-ray) stones
  • Previously operated kidneys
  • Horseshoe kidneys (congenital condition in which the kidneys are fused together)
  • Patients with body deformity
  • Lomber hernia
  • Stones with stenosis
  • Stones in caliceal diverticulum

By using the flexible instruments it is usually possible to perform/complete operations through a single entry even in complicated cases. Very rarely additional access sites may be necessary.

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